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View Machinery In Action, and Customer Comments

Bergmann TSW 5210 Manure Spreader
Bergmann Carex 39 Loader Wagon
Bergmann HTW & JD 8600 Forage Harvester
Bergmann Repex 32K Loader Wagon
Bergmann Royal Cut n Carry Loader Wagon
Bergmann Shuttle 980K Loader Wagon
BvL F180 Shear Grab
BvL F180H Shear Grab on Maize
BvL Mixer Wagons & Attachments
BvL Topstar Silage Block Cutter
BvL Topstar Silage Block Cutter
BvL V-Mix Mixer Wagon Mixing Bales
Goweil G1 G5040 Combi
Goweil G1 G5040 Baler Wrapper Combination Working on Hills
Goweil G4020 Square Bale Wrapper
Goweil G5020 on John Deere
Herron Dump Trailers Carting Soil
Goweil JD960 G5040 Combination Bale Wrapper
Goweil Round Bale Slicer
Herron HT18 Silage Trailers
Herron Trailer with Beet Harvester
Slurryquip Umbilical Effluent System
SIP Spider 11m Tedder
SIP Star 850 Swather Rake
SIP Silvercut 900 Mowers
Goweil G1 F125 Combi Film on Film
Herron H2 21 Silage Trailer
Bergmann Repex 35K Loader Wagon
Goweil G1 F125 Combi Phil hawke Contracting
Donald Love SIP Triple Mowers
Craig Wakelin SIP Swather Rake
John Nicholls, Rylib Group SIP Mowers
Bergmann Repex 32K Loader Wagon
Dave Smollett Herron Silage Trailers
Dale Palmer Herron Grain Trailer
Harley Churstain Herron Tip Trailer
Herron H2 19/14 Silage Trailer Gavins Ltd
Goweil Round Bale Slicer Barry Payne
Goweil G5040 Combination Baler Wrapper Bevan Northcott
Goweil G5020 Inliner Wrapper Bleeker Ag Services
Goweil G5020 Round Bale Wrapper Hooter
Goweil G5040 Combination Bale Wrapper Tony Roy
Andy Storey Dieci Telehandler & BvL Mixer Wagon
Chris Kenel Dieci Agri Star 40.7 & BvL
Dave Yardley Dieci Agri Farmer 32.6 Telehandler
Shane Murphy Dieci Agri Star 37.7 & BvL
Scott Construction Dieci Icarus
Schuler Brothers Dieci Agri Pivot T60
Dieci Agri Plus 40.7 Caldwell Contracting
Southern Aviation Dieci Agri Max 75.10
Goweil G1 Combinations Simply Baling & Jensen Contracting
E&H Contractors with their Goweil G1 Baler & G5020 Inliner
Corlett Contracting Goweil G1 Combi
Ryan Badger Goweil G5020 Inliner
Gavins Ltd Goweil G4020 Square Bale Wrapper
JCL Contracting Goweil G1 Combi
Davenport Ag Services Goweil G3010
John Austin Ltd Goweil G1 Combi
Alan Chapman SIP Silvercut 1000 Triple Mowers
Bleeker Ag Services SIP Mowers
Andy Hayes SIP Star 850/26 Swather Rake
Richard Pearse SIP Silvercut 380 Mower
SIP Star 1250 Swather Rake
Simply Baling SIP 1250 Swather Rake
McBain Farms SIP Spider 1500 Tedder
Phil Hawke Contracting SIP Spider 900 Tedder
Commando Contracting SIP Spider 815 Tedder
Ryland Phiksie SIP Silvercut Double Mowers
SIP Silvercut 1500 Mowers Testing
John Austin Ltd SIP Spider 900 Tedder
SIP Silvercut 800 Roller Conditioner Mowers
Daniel Bath SIP Star 850 Swather Rake
Alan Wilson Contracting SIP Star 1000 Swather Rake
Digger SIP Double Mowers Comments
Bergmann Shuttle 390K JCL Contracting
Bergmann & Herron Maize Trailers John Deere 9700i
Bergmann Carex 430K Woodley Contracting
George Campbell BvL Mixer Wagon
BvL V-Mix 24 Poplar Partnership Manawatu
Chris Pyper BvL Topstar Block Cutter
Tony & Lucas Allcock BvL Mixer Wagon
Richard Peirce BvL Mixer Wagon
Thomas Scheres BvL Mixer Wagon
BvL V-Mix 34 Feeding out in Paddock Canterbury
Craig Robins BvL Mixer Wagon
Vawn Wriggley BvL Mixer Wagon
John Pyle BvL Mixer Wagon feeding deer
Richard Greenville BvL Mixer Wagon
Raincliff Station BvL Mixer Wagon feeding deer