SIP Mower follows the ground superbly well

Posted by Webbline on Jan 16, 2018 11:45:35 AM



“I have reduced my wastage because the silage is far less contaminated”


Pete Nelis, a dairy farmer just south of Tirau in Waikato purchased an SIP Silvercut 380 disc mower last October from Webbline on the recommendation of his contractor who said, “buy the Webbline ones, they are robust and contour well.”




Pete runs his mower on a 6125M John Deere tractor and has no problem running it around on his steep terrain. “I just wanted a resilient mower that contoured well and it needed to be big so I spend less time in the paddock,” Pete commented. With a cutting width of 3.67 meters, Pete can cover up to 4ha/hr and he is very impressed with how well the mower follows the ground. “This mower follows the ground contour superbly well,” he commented, “I can change the weight on the bar between different paddocks quickly thanks to the SIP flotation design. This has eliminated the scalping problem which I had with my earlier mower and leaves a far superior finish.” With good ground contouring, there is less scalping, resulting in less dirt getting wrapped up with the silage.

“I have reduced my wastage because the silage is far less contaminated and the cows are doing better out of the feed.” Pete said. He also likes how easy the mower is to hook on and off his tractor due to the easy pressure release system.


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