My Customers Are Happy— I’m Happy Says Goweil G1 Owner

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Mike Murray from Murray Harvest has owned his Goweil G1 for one season now and is getting very positive feedback from his customers on the bale quality.

Mike and his uncles, Ian & Bruce, have been in bulk silage for many years. Last season, Mike decided to upgrade his baler, with specific criteria in mind:

  • It had to be able to apply barrel wrap and net
  • It had to be able to feed the film onto the bale without film ending up through the forage
  • It had to have a good rotor cutting system
  • It had to produce well-made, well-shaped bales.

One season on with his customers well into feeding out the silage, Mike is enjoying fantastic feedback on the bale quality.

Matt Olsen had Murray Harvest make around 300 bales for him this season and is amazed with the quality of the bales “they feed out a lot further than any other fixed chamber bales, the bales are feeding out more like a variable chamber baler than the traditional fixed chamber baler. The bales are feeding out consistently for over 100 metres without big lumps of silage falling off the bale feeder” he said. “With other fixed chamber balers I have used, the bales feed out nicely for the first half off the bale and then the silage just come off the feeder in lumps- but not with the Goweil, this is very important for the stock as they don’t waste the silage and they are all getting a similar amount for silage to eat” commented Matt.

Stu McArdie has operated balers for over 10 years and made over 90,000 bales in that time and has now gone back farming so he knows a thing or two about balers and making good bales. “Murray Harvest have made 400 bales for me this season all with barrel wrap, I am impressed with the quality of silage it produces, I have found the barrel wrap very easy to use when feeding out and when putting the silage on the feeder the film doesn’t get stuck in the silage like net would, due to the extra layers of film around the barrel of the bale. I cut the plastic wrap off the bale at the stack site and then cart one on the feeder and one on the forks of my front end loader around the farm and find that the film holds the bale together and does not unwind due to the short tails” said Stu.

One of the advantages for Mike when he purchased the baler was that he didn’t need to feed grass into the bale to get the net to apply. He’d previously received a lot of comments from farmers who were put off the barrel wrap technology because of film part way into the bale creating many issues at feed out time with wrap in the silage. “I am pleased to have found that with Goweil G1 bales, I’ve had no issues with this from any farmers,” said Mike.

The Shot Over Rotor that has 8 stars with a very positive cutting system has always had positive feedback from his customers with one commenting that “it’s fine chop silage in a bale” Being able to cut the net and wrap off the bale and it just falls apart in the feedout wagon like it’s fine chop, is a big plus for Mikes customers wanting to feed bales out on a feed pad or in a herd home.


The patented Goweil Triple Roller Pretensioner has been a big saver for Mike this season. This pretensioner stretches the plastic more consistently than all other standard pretensioners, and resulting in Mike getting an extra 4 bales wrapped per roll of wrap. This has meant that the extra cost of the barrel wrap has been absorbed by the savings from the Goweil pretensioner. Consequently, it’s costing him no more to apply barrel wrap than it was to just use net and wrap on his previous baler/wrapper.

Mike is now looking forward to growing the baling side of the business and promoting the benefits of quality bales the Goweil baler can produce for his happy customers.


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