Goweil RBS Bale Slicer makes feeding out bales faster than bulk silage!

Posted by Webbline on Jan 16, 2018 11:50:41 AM

 Rohan, along with his sister Gretchen , parents Mike and Sue McGuire, milk 600 cows on a 250 Ha property beside the coast 25 minutes drive from Ashburton. In his quest to find a quicker and easier way to feed out his bales, Rohan looked at his options on slicers. Rohan looked at a couple of other brands of Bale slicers but after a demo with the Goweil, was convinced that it is the best tool for the job.



“The Goweil is definitely not the cheapest one out there, however I find it very user friendly and configured well to fit on my size tractor.” Rohan commented.



“I am feeding around 1300 bales of Silage and 400 of Ryegrass straw a year and already seeing the benefits of time saved and ease of use with the Goweil.”



“When loading my Robertson Feedout wagon, I am loading 6 bales in less than 15 minutes, all from the tractor seat. This has resulted in me saving around 45 minutes every day I am feeding out ,” he said. “ The big advantage of the Goweil when compared to other slicers out there is that the plastic and net holder will grab any bale , no matter out badly out of shape it is.  The unique design of the hook system that the Goweil has means there are always at least two hooks that will grab the plastic and net, which is all it needs to do the job.”

“With the bale weights averaging 620 kg , our 105 hp John Deere 6330 handles the slicer no problem." Rohan commented.



Webbline sales manager , Glen Malcolm says, “We are seeing many dairy farmers seeing the benefits of the Goweil slicer and how easy it is to use, many of our clients comment on the safety aspect, compared to getting in and out of the tractor to remove the plastic and net, which is very important”.

“Plus the added bonus of having a clean tractor cab at the end of the job!”


Get your own Goweil Bale Slicer here.


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