Goweil G5040 Combi - The perfect fit for West Coast contractor

Posted by Webbline on Jan 16, 2018 11:53:51 AM



When Westport Dairy Farmer and Contractor, John Milne was considering upgrading his baler to a Kombi unit he was looking at most options. John has a baling run that services the Westport and Northern Buller area on the West Coast. As John already owned a two year old McHale 5500 baler, he could not see the sense in trading it in on a full factory Kombi. So instead, he got it set up in a Goweil G5040 Kombi.

“I have done 9,000 bales with my McHale in the Goweil this season and am very pleased with its performance.” John commented. “The Goweil 5040 Kombi system is logical, in the fact that as your baler needs replacement, you don’t have the massive depreciation like you do on a full Kombi system- we can just upgrade the baler and have it fitted to this Goweil.”


“In my mind the Goweil ticks all the boxes”. John said.



“The Goweil works so well here on the West Coast, mainly because of the tandem axle and the fail safe bale transfer that allows me to work on even the steepest country with ease. Even the maneuverability compared to when I ran the baler on its own is similar and I can take this Kombi as far as I took the Baler on its own with no problem. Also, the four-wheel braking is an added bonus when going downhill.”

Another feature John likes about the Goweil is the plastic pretensioners, “They’re gentle on the film, give me better plastic yield compared to my old wrapper and achieves a very tidy wrapping job.” He commented.

“In spite of effectively running a different brand of baler with the Goweil, the monitor makes operating this unit a breeze, the Goweil system talks to the McHale monitor and the whole process is very seamless and from a drivers perspective, I am driving one unit, not two separate machines.”

“I would recommend this system to anyone looking to upgrade their Combination Baler Wrapper, especially with Webbline’s excellent knowledge and back-up support.”


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