BVL Mixer Wagon plays vital role in profitability

Posted by Webbline on Jan 16, 2018 11:44:38 AM

Waikato Dairy Farmers, Andy and Sarah Story milks 1,100 cows on two farms near Te Awamutu in the Waikato. In June last year, they made the transfer from a standard Silage Feedout wagon to a BvL V-Mix 20 Mixer Wagon.Over the years Andy has put a lot of systems in place to improve their operation; including 5 years ago, a feed pad, to allow him to feed a larger variety of feeds. At production of 380 MS per cow, Andy saw he needed to go to the next level with his cows. Last June he invested in a BvL VMix Mixer wagon. The results have been amazing in many areas, including milk production.

“We are feeding every day of the year,” Andy commented, “during the dry spell this last summer we were feeding up to 8 loads a day. We have noticed since purchasing the BvL that the cows just stand there and eat, whereas they used to fight and push each other around trying to get all the best bits of feed… Feeding is a lot more even now and they clean every thing up,” He said. “Now we have the mixer, we are mixing all our minerals in the feed and blood tests across the herd are very consistent… meaning every cow is getting the correct amount.”

Andy is also impressed by how robust and easy to operate the mixer is, “The other week one of the boys dropped the silage grab off the loader into the bin; this simply set off the shear-bolt on the auger and did no damage. In fact, the impact took a piece out of the silage grab and hardly put a mark on the mixer…  this shows the quality of the steel,” Andy commented.

The Storys run their mixer on Tandems as they are feeding on two properties 800 metres apart, and have commented that the BvL tows very well and is stable and very manoeuvrable. “We have found the BvL to be a very reliable machine… it goes every day, we run it with a John Deere 6920, which is an ideal size tractor for this size mixer, especially for the fact that we tow it between farms. The Auger and Bin design in excellent, most recently we have been feeding some bales to young stock and the mix included 3 bales of balage, Palm Kernal and Maize Silage; we are able to put in 3 bales one after the other with no issue and the BvL will process in no time.”


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