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With so much attention being drawn to dairy effluent getting into waterways at the moment, many farmers don’t give much thought to the old manure spreader that just “throws the Sh** out the back“, with no real precision.

When West Otago contractor, Lindsay Harliwich looked at upgrading his manure spreader, The Bergmann TSW 3140 stood out from the rest. What caught Lindsay’s attention was the beater & spreader unit, which in his mind is the “heart of the machine”. While most manure spreaders have vertical beaters for removing the product, the Bergmann has 2 horizontal milling units which shred the product onto aggressive disks, similar to that on a standard fertilizer spreader.

The result? A very even spread of product across the paddock. Glen Malcolm, Webbline sales manager says that this type of spreader is the way of the future as farmers are demanding a more consistent even application of the manure, once considered a bothersome byproduct, now realized as a valuable part of their fertilizer program.

“The Bergmann TSW 3140 is an extremely versatile machine as it will consistently spread a range of material from Lime , compost, pond sludge and wintering pad & calf shed bedding”. The Bergmann spreaders have an optional controller which means the floor scraper bars work on a pressure system, which controls the rate of discharge. This also acts as a safety device, where the floor stops moving if the pressure gets too high if a foreign object gets in
the bin, i.e. a large piece of concrete, tyres etc.

The Bergmann TSW 3140 spreader is in keeping with all the Bergmann range with an extremely robust construction & design making this the ideal unit for NZ conditions, including auto tensioning on the floor chains. Kris Donovan, Harliwich’s operator commented that the Hydraulic lift axle was a bonus as when he is operating in slippery conditions, he can take the weight off the front axle of the spreader effectively transferring more weight onto the drawbar increasing traction on the rear wheels of the tractor. The tandem axle design of the Bergmann 3140, gives the unit a very short turning circle, making it extremely maneuverable in spite of its relatively large bin size.

The Bergmann also has a unique one piece tapered bin, this ensures the bin is as close as you can get to being waterproof, minimizing the amount of leakage when transporting very liquid manure. The Tapered bin also means that once you start to unload, the pressure comes off the sides allowing for a for a smoother unloading pattern, at the same time reducing drag which is a saving on horsepower requirement.

Bergmann is one of the largest manure spreader manufactures in Germany, and it’s not hard to see why, with the robust design making this a low maintenance, high performance, accurate spreader, minimizing environmental issues by giving a consistent even spread. With the Bergmann spreader having been working in the West Otago area for almost 2 years now, there has been many comments from Lindsay’s clients commenting on the consistent even spread pattern, in all types of product which in turn is resulting in a faster paddock recovery after application.


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