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Find the right Webbline hay and
silage equipment for the job.

Whether you're a farmer or a contractor...

...the right machinery will make the most of any harvest, increasing efficiency and profitability. Here is what to look for. Harvesting is hard work as a good outcome is essential to farm profitability. If your neighbour's new machinery is doing a better job than yours, it's probably time to look into an upgrade.

Find out the benefits of using Webbline machines at every stage in the harvesting process (hover to reveal!)...


Webbline SIP Hay Mowers are your 'go to' machine:

  • SIP Hay Mowers offer heavy duty robust construction, all the way from 2.6m to 10m mowers
  • The lowest R&M costs as they have got intelligently designed parts and breakaways that enable little downtime, minimal parts and fast repair back into operation

Tip: Always purchase machinery that will give you the highest efficiency

The more hectares you can harvest in a day, the better. Ensure the machinery you use is a perfect fit for your tractor and match your machinery to the job or paddock size.


Webbline SIP tedders are up for the job:

  • SIP tedders offer exceptional spread pattern and consistency with widths from 5m to 15m and everything in between
  • Options of either trailed or linkage options on some machines
  • Minimal maintenance required to keep machines operational and in top working order

Tip: Purchase machinery with lowest repair and maintenance costs

The demands of farming mean even the best machinery can break down or get damaged. That's when you need machinery that's quick and easy to fix ... and that stays fixed.


Webbline SIP Rakes will clean up fast:

  • Clean fast raking
  • Adjust your rake working width to suit your crop conditions perfectly
  • Less wear and tear with robust build quality


Bale it up with Goweil Balers:

  • Goweil make the highest quality bale
  • They're heavy duty, well built and have a massive capacity
  • (It's all about the bale quality!)


It's a wrap with Webbline Bale Wrappers:

  • Full range of individual bale wrappers, round and square, tractor driven, engine driven
  • Most simple to operate and use of any bale wrappers
  • We are the bale wrapping specialists in NZ

Tip: Buy quality to get the best ROI out of your machinery

No one ever regretted buying quality but many have regretted buying cheap. Unreliable machinery costs money in repairs and also in missed opportunities. 

Loader Wagons

Webbline Loader Wagons stack up:

  • Short and consistent chop length
  • Sizes from 28m3 to 50m3