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The Easy Way to Choose the Telehandler That's Best for Your Project | Webbline New Zealand

Posted by Gerry Clare on Aug 13, 2018 4:49:00 PM

The easy way to choose the telehandler that's best for your project


It's easy for things to get messy around a construction site, but in this industry, reputations are made (or broken) on a business' ability to meet deadlines.


When your site is a jumble of various bits of machinery - all with their own maintenance schedules and potential for breakdown - keeping everything on track is just so much harder.


The job is made even more challenging when you're trying to make do with equipment not suited to the task at hand. Mechanical stresses can turn into breakdowns which turn into expensive delays, not to mention there's also a risk to the health and safety of the operator as well as those nearby.


This article explores how adding a telehandler to your operations can significantly reduce these stresses and give peace of mind to the project manager.


The versatility of telehandlers 

These versatile vehicles have a telescopic boom capable of supporting a wide range of attachments that can be changed safely and quickly. The attachments include tools like an elevated work platform (EWP), winch, hook, jib crane, bucket, forks – the list covers everything you could need on a construction project.


Telehandlers come in a variety of sizes and specifications. Many models have a reach of over 10m and a lifting capacity of up to 45 tonnes. Your most basic model is the standard fixed-boom telehandler, however, if you need more versatility, you can opt for the rotational telehandler. Here, the boom and cab can rotate around the chassis, significantly increasing flexibility and accessibility.


It’s great having such a wide range to choose from when deciding which is the best telehandler for your construction business. However, too much choice can get overwhelming – you can spend a lot of time wading through catalogues and product reviews to find the best match for your requirements. Then there’s the conflicting advice from all the self-proclaimed experts to sort through as well.


Choosing the best telehandler for you

Here at Webbline, we've tried to make the selection process as easy as possible. Our selector tool guides you through the various specifications of size, reach and lifting capacity to arrive at the perfect telehandler for your needs.


Keeping construction projects on schedule is crucial to you and your company’s reputation. To do so, you need rugged, reliable equipment that won’t let you down and is suited specifically to the work you need to do.


The right telehandler with the right attachments will do all this, and our easy-to-use selector tool will help you find the perfect one for you - give it a try!


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