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forage & bale handling

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Goweil Round Bale Clamp

NZ's Best Bale Clamp
OLD PRICE: $3990
PRICE NOW; $3595

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New Webbline Bale Master Clamp

NZ's best priced clamp
OLD PRICE: $1,990
PRICE NOW: $1,550

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Goweil Square Bale Clamp

A true contractors clamp

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BvL Shear Grabs

Prevent Stack Face Losses

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Goweil Round Bale Slicer

The most reliable film cut and hold system

PRICE NOW: $8,990

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Goweil Film Storage Holder

Holds 16 rolls

PRICE NOW: $4,290

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BvL Grapple Bucket

Rugged & Robust construction

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