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Tips for driveshaft preventative maintenance

Posted by Gerry Clare on Jun 24, 2020 4:44:54 PM

Driveshaft puller kit

We all know that preventive driveshaft maintenance can save downtime with your machine, save labour, prevent injuries and plant damage that can be costly.

That is why we are striving for Driveshaft Uptime to keep your machines in working effectively and productively.


Webbline carry a large stock holding of parts for most brands of driveshaft including Walterscheid, Comer, and Bondioli & Pavesi, BareCo.


Webbline now offers clutch servicing and NM testing in both Islands, send us the complete driveshaft, saving on time and freight costs between islands. We believe regular preventative maintenance is the key to minimising machine downtime.

Check out the below video of the clutch tester in action.





  • Always keep your universal joints well-greased, lack of grease can cause a train of damage that can be very costly to not only the driveshaft itself but to linking components like input shafts, gearboxes, pumps etc
  • With high use driveshafts remove the covers and check the tubes regularly as with continuous high torque movement they can become fatigued with twisting, tube splitting and seizure. File off rough edges on the tubes to prevent picking up on the other half of the tube
  • Always replace the roll pin when replacing tubes as these can loosen due to torque loading.
  • Apply small amount of oil with grease on tubes as helps to slide easier and keep the grease distributed more consistently.
  • Keep driveshaft covers and chains in safe and protective condition for the prevention of accident and injury.

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